Canadian Hub Trucklines- Fact and Figures

The economic strength of Canada depends significantly on an efficient, safe, secure, and sustainable freight system. The system must provide for the flexible, dependable, and economical flow of commodities from one end of Canada to another or cross-border transport from Canada to the US.

The Canadian Hub Lines provides a complete variety of services for freight management and fleet services from Winnipeg. In Canada and the cross-border USA, we are committed to offering both industrial and business customers great service.

  • Trucks along the roads should anticipate being busy across North America as trucking is continuing to flourish. A few big corporations and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in the US and Canada make up this varied industry. Alone in Canada, the truck industries are valued at more than $65 billion, with over 260,000 drivers and over 400,000 jobs in total, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.
  • The Nation’s freight system is a public/private cooperation, whereby every sector provides these movements with major physical infrastructure. The trucking business, which moves roughly 60.1 percent of volume and 69.5 percent of value throughout the world, continues to be the biggest move, the facts and figures say.
  • Statistics reveal that 90% of all consumer and food items have been delivered by lorries throughout Canada, and close to 2/3 (by value) have been traded with the USA, which continues to become the top trading partner in Canada. The trade wheels would cease turning without the transportation industry.
  • The trucking business generates annual revenues of almost $67 billion between private carriers, courier companies, hire carriers, and owners. Trucking companies or carriers represented 57% of the industry’s hiring income. The number of lorries carrying heavy goods vehicles was 21.8 billion, while the number of medium-sized trucks was 7.4 billion.
  • Trucking is a major facilitator of trade between Canada and the US. About two-thirds of commerce between the United States and Canada are handled by truck, including over 80% of all exports from the United States to Canada. It accounts for slightly over 80% of the total tonnage handled in the province by the Canadian for Hires Trucking companies.
  • Transport by truck generates work for millions of individuals to the domestic economy. While the number of employees in the trucking business is growing, providing expansion capacity and the dependability of services is vital to maintaining the balanced linked network.