Canadian Hub Trucklines Inc

Canadian Hub Trucklines is a trucking company situated in Winnipeg that offers dependable, trustworthy, economical, and time-consuming logistics and transport services throughout the last many years. We can securely and reliably get your package from A to B. We can enable you to ship your goods throughout Canada and offer cross-border services to the United States.

  • The trucking industry in Canada

The transport and logistics industry employs over 650,000 people in Canada, accounting for 3.6 percent of the total. Truck drivers employ 300,000 people, while shipping and receiving employs 90,000 people, courier service drivers employ 70,000 people, warehouse material handlers employ 38,000 people, and distribution personnel employs 38,000 people.

  • Truck drivers in demand in Canada

It is a wonderful job opportunity for any newcomer to Canada, and many firms are actively recruiting foreigners and recent immigrants. There are lots of job prospects in the Canadian trucking business, which is suffering from acute labor shortages. You may start a new job as a long-haul truck driver.

  • Truck driver salary in Canada

In Canada, an average of $48912 per year or $25.08 per hour for a truck driver is paid. Position levels start at $42,945 annually, and the majority of experienced professionals account for up to $64,832 annually.

The hours of service restrictions now apply to commercial car drivers in Canada are limited to 13 hours of continuous driving time for 16 hours of employment, followed by eight consecutive hours of off-duty conditions.

  • Easy to get the truck driving in Canada

As you know the various programs, the procedure of immigrating to Canada as a lorry driver is rather straightforward. You need a valid license and a clean driving and criminal background in order to be evaluated from the beginning.

  • Future in truck driving

Canada’s truck driver demand is strong. … Canada will have a shortfall of 25,000 truck drivers by 2023, as reported by Trucking HR Canada. It is estimated that 61% of trucking jobs in Canada did not complete in 2019, and it is predicted to rise by 25% by 2023.

Alone in Canada, the truck industries are valued at more than $65 billion, with over 260,000 drivers and over 400,000 jobs in total, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.